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New Paradigm Shift in Radiology Recruitment

Radiology is a very competitive specialty, and radiologists are in great demand. As we all know, we live in an evidence-based world; therefore, everyone needs an imaging study before treatment planning. The need for evidence-based medical practice, combined with the aging population and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and cancer survivors, has further increased the demand for Radiologists in academic and private practice fields.

According to a recently published analysis, the shortage of Radiologists in America and other physician specialists could surpass 35,000 by 2034.


Recruit at the Resident level

Catch them early, and academic departments are trying to recruit radiology residents in their 3rd or fourth year of Radiology residency, even before they are American Board of Radiology certified. As you know, radiology residents take their written radiology board examination in the last month of their 3rd year and the American Board of Radiology licensing examination 12 months after their 4th year of Radiology residency. Those simple means are that you can be hired as “Board Eligible category.”

Role of Teleradiology

Many Teleradiology companies allow you to work from home, at your leisure, and at a time of your choosing; they even allow you to select your areas of reading. This is a new trend in radiology recruitment, where departments contract with teleradiology firms to provide the service; therefore, you work for the teleradiology firm and not the hospital or practice group.

Role of Remote Readers

The pandemic of Covid-19 forced radiologists to read from home. Ultimately radiologists realized that they could deliver satisfactory service from home, then why come to the hospital. This realization, combined with the shortage of radiologists, has pushed the departments from the traditional model of in-house working to remote reading. You could be living in Florida and working for a university hospital in Denver, and these positions are called remote readers.

Remote readers have no resident teaching responsibility, No need to publish papers or do tumor boards. This is a new lifestyle. If you are interested in such a position, we at Medcareerhub will help you.

Foreign Medical Graduates 

ECFMG graduates, especially those already trained as radiologists, are in increased demand; we at Medcareerhub specialize in their placements.

Better Incentives

Most departments offer various incentives to recruit radiologists, including protected research time, lab start-up funds, relocation allowance, and sign-on bonuses. 

To become a Radiologist, you have worked very hard and deserve the best.

We at Medcareerhub work on your behalf to get you the best offer.

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