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Demystifying Employment Contracts

Starting your academic career fresh out of radiology residency or fellowship is exciting and, at the same time, a daunting challenge.  Knowing how to interpret radiology is not enough. It would help if you learned far more than that, and unfortunately, Radiology training has not prepared you for that. You will encounter licensing requirements, getting hospital privileges, and above all, negotiating your job and employment contracts. This blog will discuss the salient terms and what to look for in your employment contract and evaluate it. One advantage of working with Medcareerhub is that our experts will guide you through this process and look for your interests.

Non-compete Clause

Noncompete clauses prohibit employees from working for a competitor for a certain length of time or in a specific geographical area after leaving their current jobs; this usually has a space defined with X miles radius. This is negotiable and should be discussed with your employer at signing.

No-moonlighting Clause

A promise that you will not read radiology studies for other hospitals in your off-hours. In certain hospitals, this is allowed with the prior permission of the chair or administrative officer in charge.


This term is used in private practices and is very important to understand. It’s a way of slowly giving you equity or shares in the practice to keep you interested and ultimately make you a partner. The partnership track can vary from one year to five years. Our attorneys at Medcareerhub can help you negotiate the best deal and guide you through the whole process for free.


It’s not a number but a composite of many things:

  • Salary,  
  • Professional allowance (For CME and computer, etc.)
  • Academic days, CME days, Vacation days, conference time, Research time,  
  • and sign-on bonus. 
  • It includes health benefits, 401K, 487 B contributions, and retirement benefits. 

How Can Medcareerhub help you? 

  • Evaluate the employment contract- FREE
  • Help you Negotiate the Best compensation Package- Free
  • Our Attorney will spend one hour and answer all your questions- Free

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